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Below are samples of crests manufactured through The Rover Outpost. This list is not necessarily a complete
representation of all products we have arranged manufacture for. For further information about any of the pieces below, including
larger images, sizes and production quantity, please click on any of the pieces.

To see additional works, please refresh this page.

Quesnel Fire & Rescue
The Rover Outpost Business Card Crest
Rainbucket 2009 Crest
Sechelt District Reproduction Crest
BPSA USA Membership Patch
Rovent 1998 Reproduction
Rover Flag Strip
3/9 Marine Corps Desert Patch
BPSA Cycling Program Badge
East Van Area Camp 2010
10th Coquitlam Link Camp 2009 Crest
1st Abbotsford - Lightening Lakes
Rover Beret Badge
Nite Hike 2010
119th Flyers Group Crest
Fraser Cheam Campfire
Fraser Cheam Beaver Sleepover
SMC Rovers Crest
Rainbucket 2008 Crest
Fraser Cheam Link Bowling